Cat's fights

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Why do cats fight?

People always were anxious about the issue of the territory. But seldom anyone think about the fact that cats are concerned about it noе less, or even more. Each of them necessarily has its own “main house” and the space around it – the “home zone”. Surprisingly, such a space can occupy more than twenty hectares.

Of course, cats try to protect their territory. When pussy-cats invade the territory of non-castrated cats, they react favorably to such a “guest”, but this is rather an exception to the rule. In return, females and neutered cats will aggressively defend their territories, which are often quite small.

Often, cats prefer to escape from a fight, although this is more a matter of nature. If it still have to engage in a fight, the cat or pussy-cat instinctively becomes in a pose, profitable showing their size, press the ears, the pupils remain dilated, and the tail is twisted.

Over time amount lf cats became larger and the struggle for territory became harder. Therefore, they were forced to look for ways to avoid conflicts. So on any territory there are precise paths along which can be crossed other possessions, and sometimes some place can belong to two different individuals depending on the time of day.

House for a cat is always a very special place, there is an opinion that it binds to itself an animal, and not masters. But we should not consider this assumption from an emotional point of view, it’s only a biological plan.